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Care Guide

All items are handmade by me, with strength and durability in mind. However they are not indestructible. Wear and tear will depend on usage and activity levels of your pooch. Once you see signs of wear and tear, please replace the item immediately. Whilst all my items are pull tested I cannot be held liable for any injury sustained whilst wearing one.

Collar and accessory care

All collars can be hand washed in warm water.
Accessories have delicate areas like elastic so I advise hand washing only in luke warm water.

Screenshot_20210104-223655_2 (1).png

Harness care

Harnesses are made with a jersey type skuba fabric, which can be easily cleaned with a cloth. Lighter coloured harnesses are prone to get dirty quicker, so I advise putting on a low temp delicate wash or hand wash.

jumper care

Please wash all dog clothing ad coats on a gentle delicate wash. Some materials are prone to shrinking so please do not tumble dry.

we cannot be held liable for dog clothing thats has shrunk.

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